Simply at a Glance

Our organization is built upon a strong commitment to our core values, delivering exceptional service at reasonable rates with an even greater concentration on quality.

Company Overview and core values

Our Team

There is a good reason why Simply Entertainment is the most referred DJ Company in North America. It is our people, their professionalism and dedication that make each event we take on unique and memorable.

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Simple at a Glance

Simply Entertainment, Inc. is committed to providing excellent service at reasonable rates by leveraging new technologies and advancements into our live performances. We have been providing professional entertainment services for over 12 years, catering to events, services, and ceremonies of all faiths and sizes.

Our Dedication is the Key to your success!
Every event booked through Simply Entertainment, Inc. is treated with the exceptional care and attention is deserves to ensure that your special day runs smoothly. We are well aware that proper planning leads to the success of your big day. This is why we focus our dedication to your event the moment you decide on us as your entertainment provider.

Customer Service Is Our Priority
We we available to our clients for consultations by phone, email or appointment. Unlimited telephone and email consultations are provided along with appointments locally or at our offices to guarantee the uniqueness of your event.

The Simply Guarantee
Our unblemished track record for triumph has given us the confidence we need to ensure the success of your event. We are the ONLY entertainment company that will guarantee the success of your event. This guarantee is known throughout the industry as "The Simply Guarantee." We guarantee that if, at any point, we fail to provide a service that is outlined in your contract in writing you will not be charged for that service.

Our Team

Our team consists of industry certified DJs, MCs, Light Jockeys, and Sound Engineers. We have assembled a highly motivated and talented group of professionals devoted to upholding our core values to help make your special event one to remember for you and your guests.

Amit Shah Amit Shah, CEO and Founder

Dedicated to music, Amit is one of the most underrated DJs to ever grace the South Asian Audience. With over 12 years experience entertaining crowds all over, he began as a DJ performing at various nightclubs and venues at a very young age. Over the years, he has transitioned from a nightclub DJ to a wedding specialist performing coast to coast and over seas as his demand in the private sector increased significantly. His commitment and service to clients truly speak for themselves. Constantly developing and building upon his talent and innovative creativity, Amit focuses on making harmonic connections...that last a lifetime!

Specialties: Bollywood, Gujarati, Hip-Hop, House, Reggae, Latin, World, and much more.

Jay Patel, Client Service Director

Jay is a senior member of the Simply Entertainment organization. He brings a great business mind and a strong knowledge of the music industry to our organization. Jay is an accomplished DJ & MC. However, Jay specializes in magic which he seamlessly incorporates into his own unique flavor to events he caters to.

Currently Jay is working on furthering this knowledge and talent as a student of the prestigious Scratch Academy (Founded by Hip Hop Legend Jam Master Jay). Jay is studying advanced music theory under the tutelage of some of the finest DJs and producers in New York City.

As his core focus with Simply Entertainment, Jay is responsible for our purchasing and acquisitions, he is the man behind our recent acquisitions of high end lighting and sound equipment.

Specialties: Bollywood Bhangra, Gujarati, Hip-Hop, and Reggae.

Greg Shah, Managing Director

Greg has a unique background in marketing and advertising with a specific focus on the music industry. Since his teenage years Greg has helped promote some of the best DJs in the business. Greg has managed dozens of tours and various nightclubs over the years and is a nyc nightlife guru with over a decade of experience behind him. Greg is also an accomplished MC and a talented DJ with a strong thirst for music. His ability to entertain an audience and his passion to deliver a great performance always goes to ensure that all of your guests are always engaged and participating in the entire agenda for your occasion with enthusiasm.

Greg considers himself to be a prepetual student for life, and claims to be on a journey in search for the perfect soundtrack. Every great moment has a musical reference attached to it, this philosophy is the reason behind Greg's success.

Ankur Patel, Client Relations/Entertainer

Ankur, a.k.a. DJ Sunny, has been in the music industry for over 10 years. Sunny excels both as a DJ and as an MC and has been dubbed "The One Man Show" by his fans. Sunny's music influence came early when he was a roadie for a very successful DJ management company. Ever since Sunny first touched a pair of turntables, he's known there is not another thing he'd rather do. Sunny stays true to his roots and consistently delivers pulse pounding energy packed dance sessions. Sunny is one of our most requested DJs.

Most notable fact: Sunny still has his first pair or technics!

Specialties: Bhangra, Hip Hop, Reggae, Bollywood, and House